SPList Manager for SharePoint 2007 1.2

SPList Manager for SharePoint 2007 1.2: SPListM to import & manage metadata for list items in SharePoint. List Manager for SharePoint 2007 (SPListM) is a powerful application to import & manage metadata for list items in SharePoint. SPListM can import / update / delete list items (including folders and file attachments) in SharePoint lists. SPListM supports Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services v3.0 (WSS v3.0) environment. Manage your List properties efficiently with this bulk list management tool

E-mail Admin List 1.8.6: Manages mailing lists , remove duplicated, etc. sends personalized emails
E-mail Admin List 1.8.6

List is an application for managing mailing lists of friends or customers. Uses csv files. -Merge two lists of email addresses, duplicated addresses are ignored. -Sends personalized emails with 6 fields, from a mailing list created with the same application from a csv file. -Subtracts two lists, example: subscribers - customers -Intersects two lists -Remove duplicated emails with different names inside a list -Split a large list for massive delivery

show statistics, merge mailing list, remove domains, duplicate address, filter email list

Magic Sort List 1.0.0: Sort Alphanumeric List Ascending or Descending Order
Magic Sort List 1.0.0

list but failed when encountering non-zero padded numbers. Have you ever sorted a list of say, 5 1 10 and ended up with a list like 1 10 5 ? Magic Sort List treats numbers as numbers and will give you a proper sorted list of 1 5 10. It does not matter if the numbers are at the beginning of the text or somewhere in the middle, Magic Sort List is up to the challenge. Key Strengths of Magic Sort List * Sort List in either the Ascending or Descending

alphanumeric sorting, running number, add alphabetic header, ascending sort, remove duplicates, descending sort, sort list

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Send-Safe Email List Manager 1.4.9

List Manager is an easy to use bulk email address list cleaner. It will clean and correct duplicated and unwanted data, making this task for you simple and quick. Functions implemented: - Extract and clean - Merge E-Mail Lists - Remove Addresses - Keep Addresses - Filter Addresses - Make Sample - Separate/Randomize List - Seed Addresses - Count Addresses - Split File - Build E-Mail List - Randomize Lists - Sort Lists - Verify domains - List Preview

email list management, email lists, cleaner, email addresses, list manager, bulk email software, bulk, email, mailing list manager, email list management software, address, list

Email List Management Tool 2.0: Email List Management Tool - manage your email lists easily
Email List Management Tool 2.0

Email list management software is a professional set of tools for processing and managing lists of emails for email marketing effectively. A program to Clean and repair mailing lists, merge emails, manage e-mail addresses, split, combine and intersect the lists. It provides the reliability you need to manage all your opt-in email lists, including announcement lists, discussion groups and email communities.

email list management, email marketing, email cleaner, e mail list manager

Opt-In List Manager 1.0.46: Opt-In List Manager is a fastest email list management system on the market.
Opt-In List Manager 1.0.46

lists. Key Benefits: - Rich set of functions. - Unlimited size of processed mailing lists. - Great performance. - Supports multicolumn mail lists. - An intuitive, easy-to-use interface. - Free upgrages. Features: - Extract and clean - Merge e-mail lists - Remove addresses - Keep/Filter addresses - Make sample - Separate addresses - Seed addresses - Split file - Join Lists - Build e-mail list - Randomize lists - Sort lists - Miscellaneous utilities

subscribe, e mail, mailing, unsubscribe, filter exclude, manager, opt in, sort, randomize, list

Word List Creator 2.3: Create Word Lists from text files with Word List Creator.
Word List Creator 2.3

lists, but we also want to have fun. Word List Creator is an invaluable tool for word games. If you know a word exists for those extra points, and you know where it is, but can`t pinpoint it, just use Word List Creator to find it for you and win the game. The list of applications for Word List Creator goes on and on. Whether it`s for education, writing, playing games, or whatever you may need a word list for, Word List Creator is the tool for you

frequency, word, word list, word list creator, word frequency, word list maker, words, list

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